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The Munoz Family // Tacoma Family Photographer

I am so excited to introduce to you….. The Munoz Family!! I love these guys, and so does my camera! : )  Being the thoughtful people that they are, they gave these photos to their kiddos’ grandparents as Christmas gifts, such a great idea! Although, I must admit, the suspense in keeping these photos off of my blog and Facebook Page until after Christmas has been killing me! : ) So here I am, December 26th, sharing the story of their session with you at my first opportunity!! Enjoy!!!

We had some interesting obstacles to face during our session, but they weren’t about to stop us from a fun and adorable Family Session…!

Family photographer tacoma photo

Obstacle #1: Unexpected bike race!!!

We arrived to our location to find that it had been taken over by a bike race! The lawn was turned into a parkling lot and the trails full of bikers! We thought we started near a trail where the bikers had already passed by, turns out that wasn’t the case : ) So we got our shot, cheered them on, and boogied out of there!

Obstacle #2: Rain!

The Pacific Northwest can make sessions tricky, but with a can-do attitude, an umbrella between shots, and a little creativity we can make it work, and look good doing it! I bet you can’t even tell it was raining in these photos, right?

And holy moly, how CUTE are these kids?!

Family Photographer Tacoma photo
Their dad, Jesse, and I run the youth group together at our church. And he is an AMAZING artist and webdesigner! Keep an eye out for my new logo on the way, he’s the artist behind it! : )
family photographer lakewood photo
child photographer tacoma photo
mother daughter photo

This next one isn’t my typical editing style. It was a test shot I did on the lighting and it was a tad over exposed. So I just had some fun with it in Photoshop and cropped it in real close to mix it up. She has such beautiful eyes!

child photographer puyallup photo
kid photos tacoma photo

How can you look at that adorable face and not smile? I don’t think it’s possible. I felt so happy the whole time I was editing these photos with these joyful faces smiling back at me!

Family photographer tacoma puyallup photo

Thank you Munoz Family for a great session and for letting me play with your beautiful children! Love you guys!