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The Adorable Family | Fall Session | Tacoma Photographer

I just loved this session with the Adorable Family! Okay, that’s not really their last name, but I have dubbed them as such for the duration of this blog post because, well… just see for yourself!
I first met them when we did little Gaby’s newborn session a while back, and have loved meeting up with them for their annual family photos ever since.

JP Photography (1).jpg

JP Photography (2).jpg

JP Photography (7).jpg

JP Photography (10).jpg


Kayla and Maya, A Family for Every Child

Tacoma family photographer, senior, wedding, photoThere’s no doubt about it, fall is the best time for photo sessions! I especially love family sessions in the fall. I kicked off this fall season with a very special family session!  I recently blogged about my beginning to volunteer as a photographer for A Family For Every Child. I had the opportunity to do so again. This time was a sibling session with two teenage sisters, Kayla & Maya.

This girls were full of energy and lots of fun. Both of them most definitely have a fun sense of humor, and I enjoyed our time together. You can see photos from our session and ready more about Kayla and Maya on their bio page, here.

The sisters are currently in foster care and looking to find their forever family. I am sure they will bring lots of joy and fun memories to that special family that’s out there for them.

A Family For Every Child works hard to find loving, adoptable homes for children waiting in foster care. Kayla and Maya are on that list. It’s our hope that these photos will help convey the girls’ personality and fun spirit, to give potential forever families a glimpse into who they are.

Siblings, teens, seniors, puyallup, photoBlog posted with permission from A Family For Every Child.


I LOVE Family Photography Sessions at the Puyallup Fair!

It’s baaaaack! One of my very favorite places to shoot at… The Puyallup Fair! Oh man, there’s so much photography goodness about the fair! It’s a great place to capture kiddos having a blast and being themselves, couples snuggling up all cute and cozy on the ferris wheel, and I love the all the bold colors everywhere for high school senior sessions!

My husband and I went this week and I was quickly reminded of everything I love about shooting there. Here’s a couple quick iphone shots of my husband and I “doing the Puyallup” this week, followed by some professional images from one of my favorite family sessions there last fall.

If you’d like to schedule a session with JP Photography at the fair this year, contact me ASAP!





Happy HALF Birthday Aurora! // Tacoma Family Photographer

Miss Aurora just had her very first half birthday (if you know me, you know I’m a big fan of half birthdays)! We recently got together to photograph her 6 Month Session. I did her Newborn Session when she was just 6 days old. It’s going to be so fun watching her grow in her first year! 6 month children family puyallup photo
6 month children family puyallup photo I always love catching up with this family at our sessions. They are always lots of fun to spend time with!
6 month children family puyallup photo
6 month children family puyallup photo
6 month children family puyallup photo This little girl has the best expressions! She is such a fun happy baby!
6 month children family puyallup photo
6 month children family puyallup photo
6 month children family puyallup photo
6 month children family puyallup photo
Thanks for another great session guys! Looking forward to seeing you for your First Birthday Session and some Cake Smash fun!! : )

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The Munoz Family // Tacoma Family Photographer

I am so excited to introduce to you….. The Munoz Family!! I love these guys, and so does my camera! : )  Being the thoughtful people that they are, they gave these photos to their kiddos’ grandparents as Christmas gifts, such a great idea! Although, I must admit, the suspense in keeping these photos off of my blog and Facebook Page until after Christmas has been killing me! : ) So here I am, December 26th, sharing the story of their session with you at my first opportunity!! Enjoy!!!

We had some interesting obstacles to face during our session, but they weren’t about to stop us from a fun and adorable Family Session…!

Family photographer tacoma photo

Obstacle #1: Unexpected bike race!!!

We arrived to our location to find that it had been taken over by a bike race! The lawn was turned into a parkling lot and the trails full of bikers! We thought we started near a trail where the bikers had already passed by, turns out that wasn’t the case : ) So we got our shot, cheered them on, and boogied out of there!

Obstacle #2: Rain!

The Pacific Northwest can make sessions tricky, but with a can-do attitude, an umbrella between shots, and a little creativity we can make it work, and look good doing it! I bet you can’t even tell it was raining in these photos, right?

And holy moly, how CUTE are these kids?!

Family Photographer Tacoma photo
Their dad, Jesse, and I run the youth group together at our church. And he is an AMAZING artist and webdesigner! Keep an eye out for my new logo on the way, he’s the artist behind it! : )
family photographer lakewood photo
child photographer tacoma photo
mother daughter photo

This next one isn’t my typical editing style. It was a test shot I did on the lighting and it was a tad over exposed. So I just had some fun with it in Photoshop and cropped it in real close to mix it up. She has such beautiful eyes!

child photographer puyallup photo
kid photos tacoma photo

How can you look at that adorable face and not smile? I don’t think it’s possible. I felt so happy the whole time I was editing these photos with these joyful faces smiling back at me!

Family photographer tacoma puyallup photo

Thank you Munoz Family for a great session and for letting me play with your beautiful children! Love you guys!


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Holiday Mini Sessions // Puyallup Family Photographer

My  blog has been a bit lonely lately, as I’ve been busy with a rush of December Newborns and a mix of other fun sessions, but I wanted to be sure and still share some photos of the beautiful couples and families that joined me for our Holiday Mini Sessions! I had the opportunity to work with the SnowShoe Evergreen Christmas Tree farm and the family that owns it this year for our JP Holiday Event!! Their location was so beautiful and perfect for our holiday sessions. This was a fun day, and a very busy day for me with 10 Mini Sessions back-to-back, and the perfect start to the holiday season!

puyallup tacoma photographer photo
I love this shot of Nathan and his mama together!
puyallup tacoma photographer photo

How cute are these kiddos?! I love their festive outfits too. That little man is lookin so sharp! :)

puyallup tacoma photographer photo
puyallup tacoma photographer photo

This is my second time photographing this fun family. I just love working with them and watching them interact. Their kiddos are such sweethearts.

puyallup tacoma photographer photo


puyallup tacoma photographer photo
puyallup tacoma photographer photo

I loved this outtake of brother and sister playing together in the little Christmas trees! Cracked me up!

puyallup tacoma photographer photo

This was my first time meeting this sweet family. I love that candid shot of them walking through the trees together and the shimmering morning dew on the grass.

puyallup tacoma photographer photo

Isn’t she adorable, and her mama made that beautiful dress! Such a sweetie.

puyallup tacoma photographer photo

Back in our high school days, Melissa and I spent many lock-ins, retreats, roadtrips, etc, together through our youth group. It was fun to reconnect with her during our session and meet her bf, Ted!

puyallup tacoma photographer photo


puyallup tacoma photographer photo


puyallup tacoma photographer photo

Another high school friend joined in on the sessions and brought her sweet family. Crystal and I have known each other since second grade and now her sweet kiddos are attending our elementary school : )

puyallup tacoma photographer photo


puyallup tacoma photographer photo

Crystal did an excellent job dressing her fam for the session.  I love how their colors and stripes coordinate but aren’t too matchy-matchy.

puyallup tacoma photographer photo

Well I’m pretty darn sure that NOTHING says “Be Merry” quite like this little bundle of joy!! She was so happy, these two were a blast to work with!puyallup tacoma photographer photo


puyallup tacoma photographer photo


puyallup tacoma photographer photo

These guys and I went to college together at Pacific Lutheran University. It was fun to see them again! Their little pup Sophie was so cute. Looks like she wants a kiss in this photo too! ;)

puyallup tacoma photographer photo

During the afternoon, the sun lit up this willow tree so beautifully, it was perfect for photos!

puyallup tacoma photographer photo

These two are expecting a baby GIRL in January! Congratulations, so excited for you Kristina & Kelly!

puyallup tacoma photographer photo


puyallup tacoma photographer photo

Thank you to everyone who came out for a fun day of Holiday Sessions! I am so blessed to have such loyal and fun clients, fans and friends!! Merry Christmas all!! : )


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Thank you Snowshoe Evergreen and Family // Puyallup Family Photographer

We recently finished up our JP Holiday Mini Sessions! This was a fun one day event for families to reserve 30 minute sessions for holiday photos. I wanted to provide my clients with a unique experience and setting, yet portray a festive holiday feel in the photos. I researched MANY great places throughout the county, but when I came across Snow Shoe Evergreen I knew this would be the perfect match! You can imagine how thrilled I was when they agreed to share their beautiful location for our day of sessions.

Snow Shoe Evergreen is a gorgeous Christmas Tree Farm nestled in the Puyallup valley. They are a family owned business and have been around for many years. As soon as you set foot on the farm it’s easy to see the great care they take in all they do. The setting is beautiful, thoughtfully laid out and complete with special touches to give it a warm family feel.

Not only did I have the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful farm and sharing it with my clients, but I had the opportunity to do a Family Session for the owners of Snow Shoe Evergreen themselves! I really enjoyed getting to know you and your family, Kristi!

puyallup christmas photos
Puyallup Childrens holiday photo
Puyallup Family Holiday Photo
puyallup family christmas photo

Isn’t their little girl so adorable?! They were such a fun family to work with. Even throughout our event, they were so considerate and accomodating of me and my clients. They really made us feel welcome.

Puyallup family photo
Tacoma family photo

A big thanks to the whole family for sharing your location with us. I know it’s more than a business, but rather an important piece of your family’s life. Thank you.

tacoma family christmas photo

Not only does their little one have a super cute look, but she has a super fun personality! She definitely kept me on my toes! Lucky for me, playful energetic sessions are my favorite type! : )

tacoma christmas photo
Tacoma child photo
puyallup tacoma child photo

Thank you all so much for your hospitality and generosity! I know my clients loved your location as well. Several times that day I heard the remark, “Wow this place is so nice, we will definitely have to come back here for our Christmas Tree!” I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together! Merry Christmas!