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Franklin Falls | An Icy Adventure! | North Bend, WA


One of our first adventures of 2015 was a snowy hike to Franklin Falls! This was a hike we’ve been waiting to do for a couple of years. We wanted to go when it was frozen over and the conditions we just right.  Finally, we had freezing temps for several days in a row, and Zach (husband) and I both had the day off, it all came together perfectly! It was a great day and as beautiful as we hoped it would be.


The greatness came to an end however, when I realized later that night that I left my hiking boots in the parking lot at the trailhead. I was so sad and mad at myself for making a careless mistake! Those boots and I had covered many miles together, even to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro! Plus, they wouldn’t be cheap to replace! I was sure they were gone and there was no point in going back for them. As a last attempt I posted on the Washington Trails Association site, Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist, asking anybody who found them to please contact me.


The week went by, and while I receive several “sorry, didn’t see your boots” responses, I heard nothing otherwise. Probably 10 days later I received an email from a couple in Seattle saying that they found my boots under a foot of snow!!! The girlfriend was thrilled to find them as they fit her perfectly (and they are awesome boots ;) But her boyfriend saw my post on WTA and they decided that the right thing to do was to contact me. That following weekend I went up to the bookstore in Seattle where he works and picked up my boots in exchange for a gift card to the coffee shop across the street. He was so surprised and excited to receive the gift card and I was so appreciative that he went out of his way to help me! It was clear that having the opportunity share this kindness with each other truly brightened both of our days!



As bummed as I was about losing my boots, I am glad for the experience. It was refreshing to see the kindness of a stranger, and inspiring to think about ways we can share kindness with others each day.



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10 thoughts on “Franklin Falls | An Icy Adventure! | North Bend, WA

  1. WOW… these are some amazing images…. sooo over all this snow and ice though…. looking forward to some warmer weather already…

  2. So pretty! I love how you’ve embraced the winter and made some beautiful images in spite of the cold! Beautiful work!

  3. have you been to the Olympic peninsula ?

  4. Great photos, and beautiful wintery scene!

  5. I’m so glad you found your boots! There are still good people in this world. Love these images, so beautiful!

  6. what a great story! glad you got your boots and made a connection with a new human:) really, really beautiful pictures here! love the last one.

  7. Awesome location, I’ll have to check it out sometime! And so glad you got your boots back… Mt Kilimanjaro, wow! Good for you!

  8. WOW! What an amazing ice adventure! That red barn/building against the white snow is just stunning!!

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