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Jea’Ohnna | Class of 2014 Senior | Tacoma


Can I just say, I love my job?! I feel like this senior session with Jea’Ohnna perfectly sums up why I do! We have a blast during each session, get to pamper our seniors with professional hair and makeup to start the fun, and end with beautiful photos AND videos to show off their inner and outer beauty!
I had such a great time getting to know Jea’Ohnna. She’s intelligent, very polite and well-spoken, a leader, lots of fun and such a beauty! There’s not much I can say that would portray this more than her senior photos and video. So without further adieu, enjoy:

JP Photography (1).jpg

JP Photography (12).jpg

JP Photography (15).jpg

JP Photography (19).jpg

JP Photography (26).jpg

JP Photography (32).jpg

JP Photography (41).jpg

JP Photography (38).jpg

JP Photography (34).jpg
Makeup by Vanita Sloan Makeup Artistry


Author: JP Photography

Newborn, Senior and Wedding Photographer

9 thoughts on “Jea’Ohnna | Class of 2014 Senior | Tacoma

  1. What a pretty girl. Great job capturing her beauty! The golden light is lovely too!

  2. Love the slideshow!! Cute senior. Love her laugh :) Excellent job capturing her.

  3. Gorgeous colors! She is such a pretty girl!

  4. It shows that you love your job! Stunning images once again!

  5. Loooooooove these! Love the lighting and how natural and comfortable she looks!

  6. Beautiful lighting and beautiful girl. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love these. Great work!

  8. love the warmth of these! great colors!

  9. You captured so much light in her eyes! Well done!!

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