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Ryan a Multitalented TJHS Senior! Federal Way


Meet Ryan! He’s a senior this year at Thomas Jefferson High School, and boy does he have a lot going for him! I first met Ryan last summer when I did a photo session for his band, Innocent Bystander. Ryan plays guitar in the band of four high school students. They play in venues all around the Tacoma area, and are really good!! Not only is Ryan a guitarist, he’s played varsity golf at his high school all four years! Ryan wanted to do his senior session at the Auburn Golf Course for its beautiful grounds and to incorporate his interests. We had a beautiful day for his session and I especially enjoyed riding the golf cart around from place to place! :) JP Photography (2).jpg

JP Photography (12).jpg

JP Photography (27).jpg

JP Photography (31).jpg

Thanks for another great photo session, Ryan! It was great to see you again!


Author: JP Photography

Newborn, Senior and Wedding Photographer

9 thoughts on “Ryan a Multitalented TJHS Senior! Federal Way

  1. Ryan is definitely multi talened. He can do two things I sure cannot do, which is play golf and the guitar. Great job! The sunlight was perfect for this shoot!

  2. Nice series of graduation pics. My favorite is with his guitar walking away but looking back. Perfect composition and lighting. Well done, grasshopper.

  3. Great series of portraits during the golden hour. I really like how you incorporated his hobbies during this special time for him.

  4. Awesome senior pictures! Love the backlighting, the way he is holding his guitar and the golfing shots are so fun too!

  5. So cool! I love when clients incorporate their passions and interests into their session.

  6. I love how you brought in things he does. My favorites are the gold shots. Beautiful day!

  7. great! like the golf one where you got that shine off his club!

  8. I love how you bring his hobbies int o the session. Awesome.

  9. Such a busy young man! Love the images.

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