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JP Photography is now offering Senior Videos!! (YAY!!!)


Guess what!!!! That should be easy to do if you read the title with all the exclamation points, but… I am so excited to debut our first Senior Feature Video!

Seniors, you can now include your own sweet video with your JP Senior Session!

First one up is Jackie, a 2014 Senior at Renton High School.  Jackie wanted to include some of her family’s Samoan heritage in her session as well as some more casual shots in her everyday clothes. Turned out to be a beautiful session with a beautiful girl, check it out!

Visit the  JP Senior Site or shoot me an email at to get your session booked!

*License purchased and granted through for the use of “Brighter Than The Sun” by Colbi Caillat, for this project.*


Author: JP Photography

Newborn, Senior and Wedding Photographer

9 thoughts on “JP Photography is now offering Senior Videos!! (YAY!!!)

  1. Cute video and a very unique product! I’m sure family and friends will love to have videos of their favorite seniors :-)

  2. What a cool idea! I hope it catches on. Nice job!

  3. beautiful young lady – love the video :-)

  4. Cool! I love slideshows. Beautiful images, btw.

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