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A Family For Every Child, WA State // Volunteer Photographer


I have been trying to figure out for a while now the best way to combine my passions for photography and helping others. I’ve donated plenty of sessions in the past, but aside from giving away free photos it doesn’t really feel like it helps anyone. Well, I am very excited to say that I have found a way to do this that seems to be my perfect fit for helping others through photography. Actually… I have found and started doing this in three totally different ways, but for now I am only going to tell you about one ;)

And here’s a really dorky action shot of me doing my thing  :)

tacoma senior photo

If you haven’t heard of A Family For Every Child, check them out! They are a non-profit serving Washington and Oregon. Their mission is to find loving adoptable homes for children waiting in foster care. They have volunteer opportunities nationwide which is a huge support in doing all the great work that they do.

Last week I had the opportunity to be a volunteer photographer with them!  The Heart Gallery  is their program that works with professional photographers to take photos of children that are waiting to be adopted. These photos will be used on website, fliers, and bios about them to show them in a positive light and illustrate a little glimpse into their personality.

I love to make these sessions into a fun activity and capture them being themselves. It was great to spend some time with David last week, learn about his interests and get some fun photos! Click here: to check out David’s bio including some photos from our session! David is a friendly and easy-going guy, we had a great time!

I’m so happy to have connected with A Family For Every Child and am excited for next time!

jp photography tacoma photoThis post published with permission from A Family For Every Child.


Author: JP Photography

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7 thoughts on “A Family For Every Child, WA State // Volunteer Photographer

  1. Awwww! You are awesome! Just imagine the impact you are having on these children! You should be so proud!

  2. Love that idea! I wish there was something like that in NC!

  3. absolutely fantastic – i’ve been looking for some charitable cause myself, you’ve inspired to get my act together…good luck :-)

  4. that’s wonderful! as an adoptive parent myself, i really appreciate things like this! rock on with your big heart!!!:)

  5. What a great way to donate your time! I will have to see if something like this is in Orlando. :)

  6. Great! Giving back is always such a rewarding feeling :)

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