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Beautiful Baby Britten! // Tacoma Newborn Photographer


Meet Baby Britten! Just 5 days new. She was so small and so sweet, I loved snuggling her and capturing her perfection!

Tacoma Newborn Photography

Tacoma Newborn Photography

Tacoma Newborn Photography

She has the most gorgeous eyelashes that I have ever seen on a newborn, hands down!

Tacoma Newborn Photography

Tacoma Newborn PhotographyI love this adorable pink cloche made by Four Tiny Cousins!

Tacoma Newborn Photography

Tacoma Newborn Photography

And this one was especially for her daddy who is a lacrosse coach! So sweet.

Newborn Lacrosse Tacoma PhotoI really enjoyed our session. Britten is one lucky baby to be born into a family with such loving parents and a big brother and sister to look out for her! :)


Author: JP Photography

Newborn, Senior and Wedding Photographer

22 thoughts on “Beautiful Baby Britten! // Tacoma Newborn Photographer

  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Love them. Looking forward to more :)

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! I look forward to seeing more :)

  3. What a sweet baby. I’m a sucker for the baby with hands on the chin pose. So cute!

  4. So sweet… these pictures are making my ovaries hurt! ;)

    – Katherine

  5. I love looking at good newborn photography. This is definitely something that I want to try out. They are so tiny an innocent looking. :) Great job!

  6. How precious! Love the sweet purple cocoon pose :)

  7. Precious baby! Love Love Love!

  8. What a beautiful baby girl! So many wonderful shots!

  9. Great sessions! She’s so sweet!

  10. So precious. Love these!

  11. aww – cutie. love the third one where she’s looking straight at you

  12. What a sweet little angle!! And gorgeous photos!!

  13. A-to-the-DORABLE … “ooh-wee” such a sweet baby! Awesome images.

  14. Beautiful captures!!

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