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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am so thankful for my JP Fans!!! Without you there’d be no JP Photography. I am so lucky to have fans and friends that truly appreciate and value photography. I appreciate your appreciation! :)

Today I want to dedicate my blog to a very special fan who is more than a fan. She is a very important part of JP Newborn Photography, and a VERY important part of my life. I want to dedicate this post to my mom!!!
Newborn Safety JP Photo

My mom is my assistant for all my Newborn Sessions. In newborn photography, safety is the MOST important factor.  It is always important to have a spotter for safe posing when it comes to a Newborn Session. Many times the parents serve in this role. However for JP Photography, it’s important to us that the parents have a relaxing experience and get to enjoy their little one’s big modeling debut :) They are welcome to be involved as they like, but let’s face it, they just made a human, they’re pooped, and I dont want to put them to work! :)

We’ve done our research, training, and lots of practice! Here’s a little inside sneak peek of my mom helping to safely pose a little one. I only posted one photo of her holding this pose, but the following photo is a composite of two images of my mom safely supporting baby to acheive the final image.

Newborn Safety Photo

Newborn Safety photo

Baby soothing in action!  She’s also ready just outside the frame of the right hand photo to spot for baby. (Safety tip: There is flat a heavy weight in the bottom of the bucket for safety and baby is nestled in deep into the bucket.)

Newborn Soothing Photo

One more action shot of my mom safely posing and spotting baby.

Newborn Safety Photo
Newborn safety photo

I am so thankful to have The Best Mom Ever!

Newborn Safety Photo

Thank you for being so dependable and helpful not only in Newborn Sessions but as a JP Supporter, prop shopper, networker, transporter, the works!! I could go on and on and on about the way my mom and dad support me and my family outside of JP Photography, but no one would keep reading for that long so I’m just sticking to the photography realm on this post :)

I love you so much Mom!! Thankful for you!



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