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Thank you Snowshoe Evergreen and Family // Puyallup Family Photographer

We recently finished up our JP Holiday Mini Sessions! This was a fun one day event for families to reserve 30 minute sessions for holiday photos. I wanted to provide my clients with a unique experience and setting, yet portray a festive holiday feel in the photos. I researched MANY great places throughout the county, but when I came across Snow Shoe Evergreen I knew this would be the perfect match! You can imagine how thrilled I was when they agreed to share their beautiful location for our day of sessions.

Snow Shoe Evergreen is a gorgeous Christmas Tree Farm nestled in the Puyallup valley. They are a family owned business and have been around for many years. As soon as you set foot on the farm it’s easy to see the great care they take in all they do. The setting is beautiful, thoughtfully laid out and complete with special touches to give it a warm family feel.

Not only did I have the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful farm and sharing it with my clients, but I had the opportunity to do a Family Session for the owners of Snow Shoe Evergreen themselves! I really enjoyed getting to know you and your family, Kristi!

puyallup christmas photos
Puyallup Childrens holiday photo
Puyallup Family Holiday Photo
puyallup family christmas photo

Isn’t their little girl so adorable?! They were such a fun family to work with. Even throughout our event, they were so considerate and accomodating of me and my clients. They really made us feel welcome.

Puyallup family photo
Tacoma family photo

A big thanks to the whole family for sharing your location with us. I know it’s more than a business, but rather an important piece of your family’s life. Thank you.

tacoma family christmas photo

Not only does their little one have a super cute look, but she has a super fun personality! She definitely kept me on my toes! Lucky for me, playful energetic sessions are my favorite type! : )

tacoma christmas photo
Tacoma child photo
puyallup tacoma child photo

Thank you all so much for your hospitality and generosity! I know my clients loved your location as well. Several times that day I heard the remark, “Wow this place is so nice, we will definitely have to come back here for our Christmas Tree!” I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together! Merry Christmas!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for my JP Fans!!! Without you there’d be no JP Photography. I am so lucky to have fans and friends that truly appreciate and value photography. I appreciate your appreciation! :)

Today I want to dedicate my blog to a very special fan who is more than a fan. She is a very important part of JP Newborn Photography, and a VERY important part of my life. I want to dedicate this post to my mom!!!
Newborn Safety JP Photo

My mom is my assistant for all my Newborn Sessions. In newborn photography, safety is the MOST important factor.  It is always important to have a spotter for safe posing when it comes to a Newborn Session. Many times the parents serve in this role. However for JP Photography, it’s important to us that the parents have a relaxing experience and get to enjoy their little one’s big modeling debut :) They are welcome to be involved as they like, but let’s face it, they just made a human, they’re pooped, and I dont want to put them to work! :)

We’ve done our research, training, and lots of practice! Here’s a little inside sneak peek of my mom helping to safely pose a little one. I only posted one photo of her holding this pose, but the following photo is a composite of two images of my mom safely supporting baby to acheive the final image.

Newborn Safety Photo

Newborn Safety photo

Baby soothing in action!  She’s also ready just outside the frame of the right hand photo to spot for baby. (Safety tip: There is flat a heavy weight in the bottom of the bucket for safety and baby is nestled in deep into the bucket.)

Newborn Soothing Photo

One more action shot of my mom safely posing and spotting baby.

Newborn Safety Photo
Newborn safety photo

I am so thankful to have The Best Mom Ever!

Newborn Safety Photo

Thank you for being so dependable and helpful not only in Newborn Sessions but as a JP Supporter, prop shopper, networker, transporter, the works!! I could go on and on and on about the way my mom and dad support me and my family outside of JP Photography, but no one would keep reading for that long so I’m just sticking to the photography realm on this post :)

I love you so much Mom!! Thankful for you!


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Aurora // Tacoma Newborn Photographer

I am excited to introduce to you… beautiful baby Aurora! This little girl visited me for photos when she was just 6 days new. I was very eager to meet her as I did a fun Maternity Session for her mom and dad just a month or so before. I had a great time getting to know mom and dad at their first session, I was so excited for them and happy to meet their little girl.

Tacoma Baby Photographer photo

tacoma newborn photographer photo
Newborn Photographer Tacoma photo
Newborn Photographer Tacoma photo

Aurora is an October baby (just like me!) So we had to get some cute fall shots to capture the feel of the best time of the year :)

Fall theme newborn tacoma photo

She put her little hands up like this herself! How precious is that?!  :)

best newborn photographer tacoma photo
University place newborn photo

Mom and dad are in both the Navy. I thought this would be a fun way to incorporate that part of their family. She has the best little smile, doesn’t she?

newborn and maternity photographer tacoma photo
Newborn and maternity photographer tacoma photo
baby photographer tacoma photo
Newborn Seattle photo

I am a sucker for white on white when it comes to newborns. Gets me every time. There’s just something about that perfect baby purity that shines so beautifully on white.

Seattle Newborn Photo
newborn photographer puyallup photo
Puyallup tacoma newborn photo

It was so great to meet beautiful Aurora! Thank you for bringing her over mom and dad! Enjoy your precious little bundle!  :)